Saturday, December 13, 2008

We Heart You

thank you!!theres no better words to those kind reviewers that had reveiwed our cd EP entitled "Dua Tahun Pertama". Those beautiful words had somehow gave us more courage to go on. Finally, we feel that our tears and sweat on making our first and only Ep cd had been paid off..thank you again.!!

Hardcore punk in Malaysia is a constantly growing scene..theres more great bands that is yet to be discover. Among great screamo hardcore punk bands that had always have a place in our hearts is Killeur Calculateur, Daighila, Orbit Cinta Benjamin, Blood on Wedding Dress, At Least I speak, Fujicolour, etc..just google them and we are sure that you will find more informations and songs of them in the World Wide Web.

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Anonymous said...

bodo ni.. gigi dia kacak la.